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A non-surgical procedure for labia & vaginal tightening & rejuvenation. It is the first & only temperature-controlled radio frequency (RF) system for women who want results without surgery or downtime. It improves collagen under the surface & ultimately improves blood supply. Some of the benefits of ThermiVa: reduces and improves stress & urge incontinence, vaginal elasticity- which helps decrease pain with intercourse, may help with orgasmic dysfunction, decreases vaginal dryness, and improves labial appearance.

What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure that uses radio-frequency technology to promote natural collagen production and tissue rejuvenation by application of gentle thermal energy for incontinence treatment. Women will see significant improvement in appearance of external female genitalia (even with one session), tighter vagina, improved lubrication, enhanced orgasms, better urinary control, better vaginal sensation, strengthen pelvic muscles.

Benefits of ThermiVa

  • Cosmetic Appearance
  • Reduced Dryness and Vaginal Atrophy
  • Reduced Urinary Leakage
  • Non-Invasive Sessions
  • Long-Lasting Result

Key Advantages of ThermiVa

  • No incisions necessary
  • Short treatment sessions
  • Improves physical sensation
  • Treats internal and external features (i.e., inner and outer labia and vaginal canal)
  • Improves dryness and laxity
  • No downtime (outpatient procedure; no hospitalization required)
  • Reduces or resolves urinary incontinence
  • Enhances natural vaginal lubrication
  • Minimizes the risk of pain during sexual intercourse
  • Increases self-confidence

Financing Options Available

In general, insurance doesn’t cover the cost of CoolSculpting® or other cosmetic procedures because these treatments are elective. It’s best to check with your insurance provider to determine if either of these will be covered by your private insurance. GreensSky and CareCredit provide you with flexible and convenient financing options for your treatment plans.

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